More Pro Per Problems

In Skerston v. Pacific Bell Telephone Company (G051600 Oct. 20, 2016), 4/3 once again was plagued by the perennial problem of a pro per attempting to navigate appellate procedure. Although the court noted the failure to comply with the rules could result in forfeiture of the claims, it dealt with them anyway. Many litigants are unrepresented because they do not have a decent case, but others are unrepresented because of lack of funds, lack of knowledge, or both. Unfortunately, law school "clinics" seem to focus either on "hot" "constitutional"-type issues which may bring renown to professors or beef up student resumes or on common recurring family law or landlord-tenant issues, eschewing appeals. Pro per appellants are not without resources however. The Court of Appeal's website has a very good guide, including a video presentation, link below, recommended for many attorneys as well: