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There are many other types of “appeals” involving legal issues which are not the type of “appeals” we handle. These would include small claims appeals, which are a new trial before a Superior Court judge.

We also do not handle administrative appeals, such as those involving:

  • Social security or unemployment benefits
  • Taxes
  • The Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Or educational accommodations

These administrative appeals often take place in the office of the agency, not a court room. For these matters, it is best the client seek out qualified attorneys with experience in these areas. Many state, county and local governmental agencies and licensing bodies also have their own “appeal” procedures.

Our firm does not represent citizens in these matters until the proceeding leaves the administrative review process and then goes to the Superior Court or California Court of Appeal. Again, usually you can find a qualified trial attorney experienced in these areas to represent you.

For Superior Court proceedings, we do not appear in Superior Court but sometimes can work with your trial attorney to prepare a Petition for Writ of Mandate or Administrative Mandamus. These proceedings are focused on an evidentiary hearing in the Superior Court, however, so this is primarily handled by a trial attorney.

If you are unsuccessful in the Superior Court, we can represent you in the next step, which is the California Court of Appeal. There are other types of decisions citizens may want to “appeal,” such as a determination by a private business you can no longer enter their premises or by an airline informing you that you can no longer fly with them.

For these types of proceedings, again, your best remedy is to seek out a qualified trial attorney who can represent you. We would only be involved after the matter concludes in the Superior Court and the unsuccessful party wishes to pursue the matter in the California Court of Appeal.

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    Quick to respond, his research is the best and his writing is concise and very persuasive. You will not go wrong with John on your side.

    - Janie B.

    John excels at presenting complex legal arguments to the Court of Appeal in a manner that gives my clients the maximum chance of success on appeal.

    - Michael. F.

    I recently turned to John when I believed the trial court had made an erroneous ruling on a complicated procedural and jurisdictional question.

    - Kayleene W.

    When everything was seemingly hopeless, we were fortunate enough to come across John L. Dodd.

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    I was lucky to find John Dodd to be my appellate lawyer.

    - Gloria H.

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